Figma Drossel (NO.038) Little Review

Figma is a new action toys brand design by Good Smile Company (GSC) and Max Factory. It was started last year and the responses were overwhelming for the first release in Japan and slowly conquer around the world. Only up until this year, I decided to get one to see it myself why this action figures is damn so popular.

Beside the action figure I will be reviewing is Figma Drossel from Fireball, the first ever Japanese made Disney character which is the reason why I pre-order two. I’m glad I actually made that overkill my budget decision because one of them was actually bad produced on the right arm appears looking broken.

I already contacted both GSC and it took quite a while for them to respond. Well, that was because they were in the Wonder Festival promoting their products that time. Lucky, it was now confirm and waiting for the replacement parts from Japan. 
For now, check out the box below. Quite surprising it has a very good quality box design.
Open box, comes with several accessories and wall background, non-plastic type. It’s made by hard paper.
3x different head parts, 1x history book accessories, 1x small Figma display stand, and 1x set hands and plastic bag.

The articulations in Figma uses the plastic made and almost look identical to Revoltech. But it was really sad seeing the head gear came out with incorrect align. Kind of disappointment scar left on me for first Figma collection. GSC told me they can’t do anything about it. >_>*
Trying the flying head booster on her, looks great wasn’t it? Well, the bad news is that her head is so heavy it can’t proper maintain the balance. Luckily the articulation is strong enough to hold the weight while I am doing the photo shooting.
Booster ON!!!
What do I think about Figma products? I’m not so sure about the rest, but I’m not really fan of characters in action figure style. Although, when I was a kid, I remember use to play those hero action toys like mask (those cars that can transform into weapons) or G.I.Joe back then. For this age, I don’t know how I going to feel if I collect those anime characters for action toys.
Nonetheless, Drossel is different as I kind of find it acceptable for my taste and liking. I can’t say this is because she is also a robot that makes me like it. The design was impressive and the articulation around the figure also doesn’t stand out too much for the whole looks. Figma Drossel does cost me a lot and thinking about selling one away since I pre-order another one on December this year.


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