Wonder Festival 2009 (Summer)

Wonder Festival Summer just started live today in Japan. Many popular toys companies show case their new upcoming products. You can find the latest photos from the links below, I will only post some here that I might planning to get coming November and December.

Side note to parents visiting my blog, there are many erotic figures in WONFES and so if your children watching too. Please don’t blame me for anything that make your children so ecchi. xP

Lookalike Chobit from Clamp will be made by Kotobukiya. Just for your information, this characters does involved in Tsubasa and xxxHolic story.

Some says that this is Miku Hatsune Ver.2 Vocaloid. The design looks okay to me. But still reconsidering.

Lastly, the most I wanted to get in my collection is Full metal Panic – Arbalest mecha. Yummy~!!! i wa thinking about getting it from Tamashii too. Hmm…either one will do!


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