PR Topics Turn Racisms – Every Time

I have been watching and reading this for quite a while in Brudirect HYS. Every time when someone posted about PR (Permanent Resident) related topics, the commenter will start firing and shooting at one another over the yellow stuffs. Most of the comments I had read so far never turned out to be good and serious answer regarding about the subjects. All are almost involving with racisms and dumb answers. This why staying neutral is the best thing and waits for His Majesty announced the improvement for the PR and foreigners life living in Brunei.

There is topic I was recently reading, No Right To Treat People By Their IC, post few days ago about the rude local driver becomes a barbarian using their local power to threaten either the PR or Foreigners. If I encounter this kind situation who tried to abuse me by using this method, I prefer to bring this case to the police to settle it. Arguing with this guy is pointless thing to do. I don’t really care if this guy has any police friends or not. There are always laws in Brunei, no matter what situation you are facing. If this doesn’t work out, I will sent this complain to the Police headquarter to make this cases more badly and turn it uglier for the bully.

For some reason, that complains above from the writer doesn’t really make sense to me also and question why the sudden bringing in the PR problem? This incident is caused by the human nature and he should rather explain that the Police should impose stricter law against this problem instead to protect being abuse by it. This is what I think it should have been correct way to complain in the first place without bringing up the fuss over a yellow IC issue.

Anyhow, I was able to sometime reading some funniest commenter left in the post. One of them I read whom referring as “THE GOOD OF THE GOOD, BAD AND THE CORRUPT”, trying to slam PR with Alcohol issue and should be strip down. This person is really stupid if he/she is a local. Before you start throwing ugly thing on bad peoples, you have to think twice very carefully. Once you started it, there’s no turning back because someone like me or the others will eventually trash you all like no tomorrow with bunch of crime lists we had in our hands.

Yeah, I know PR commit crimes in Brunei every week. I have friends also commit crimes. Do you think the local does not? Don’t make me laugh by using the word ‘True Bruneian’ to save faces. Just because it doesn’t appear in the newspaper or local TV news, there is no way local is less committing crimes than PR because it was covering up to making sure no shame faces leak into the newspaper and goes to the higher up. How the hell do I know? I have many good Malay friends so I know what the hell happen in the surrounding in Brunei with the source and my own eyes.

My good advice also, never ever jealous or envious about PR are good in doing business or they are rich or clever whatsoever. This is about us. Yes, us, ignore what races you born from. The problems are the environment we raised from that affecting our lives is the causes. Jealousy never makes you grow to be a better person, it just makes you rather worst. Just like the commenter who knows as Dean, read what he reply to the subject.

He may be right at some point about the IC system, but bringing the other countries into the argument makes him look like a donkey. If he really fears Malay may conquer by the Chinese and Indian, then blame the people why they like to choose to work with the Government instead running its own business. The BB news already reported few times about these local unemployed issues and everyone read what the answers came from the mouth of their own. If the Chinese and Indian are to blame for it, then we will start laughing more and more even the foreigners will find this funny.

Well, I kind of blame my own country spoiling the locals by giving free money away by making looks encouraging way to make them studies hard. This method doesn’t help the country growth at all and even motivate the locals. You see, if the Government didn’t gives out money on time or delaying for few months. You will start hearing, seeing complained to the newspaper and telling anyone how poor they are. This is the reason why my suggestion stops giving money and just gives free educations.

The Governments should only give this money to those selected persons that really need and support for their educations, not anyone. If they want money, they should work for it. Do you know why the other countries are better than us? Not just because they have higher standard of living. They learned faster than us through experience on working during their students life. This is why I highly encourage our government to saves this money to fund the educations standard to catch up with the other countries. So we won’t see every local ended up filling forms working with the Government and Shell instead.

Leave your comments in my blog or response from your blog if you don’t agree with me or you think I’m racist (I don’t care). Like I said earlier, think twice Before you starts firing back on me my post or to other PR or foreigners posting in HYS, make sure its a good complete answers.


  1. Check out my Blog.

  2. So, is it wrong now for local to work with goverment or semi-goverment? Please don't judge people preference as same as you don't like people to judge PR or foreigners.

    First of all, you're *generalizing* too much. I mean, seriously~ *too* much generalizing. It's funny TBH when reading your post every time you touch this subject-related. But sorry to say not funny funny hahaha. In fact, to say the least it actually don't even worth to response your "argument". Most of it is a big pile of dust of your assumption. There's less to nothing to backup your "argument". Yeah, it's wrong for Malay people to choose to work with the goverment. Yeah, there's no (or only few) Chinese people who work with the goverment or semi-goverment. Yeah, only Chines and Indian people have the ingeniousness to run business. Yeah, there's no quiet many Malay people in Brunei who is smart enough to run their own business.

    Hah~ I live in my little own world.

    Yes, it's undeniable there are *local* (Malay or Chinese but not Indian) people who is such an ass. No doubt about it. But, *gasp* it's not only happened in our country. It's a global "pandemic". It's also happened to your so call better-higher-standard-of-living countries.

    Judging from this post entry, no surprising what you write in the "Its Not Like You Think Is True" entry:

    PS: "Think twice before you starts firing back on me, the PR or foreigners" -- What kind of statement is that?

  3. Really? Maybe I will change that better in the future for my post. But I am explaining my disagreeing on what the commenter saying and the way they think.

    I may not a good English writer. But it's silly for you to post here saying Malay is not "smart" in doing business? Give me a good reason why you said that because readers and visitors might think that I am actually the one who said that.

    It's alright to agreeing with your own people sometimes. But you shouldn't fully agree everything. Your response about Chinese and Indian are good at running business is simply just a repeated excuse from ages. That goes to you.

    Read one of the Malay business woman interview by BT recently in "Wealth grows from losses". This is what EVERYONE experience. The worst anyone could even went into bankruptcy if not doing well. that's normal, its just the question if you dared to run your own business.

    For my last statement, maybe i will change a little for anyone understand better.

  4. I miss this one. Anyway...

    "So, is it wrong now for local to work with goverment or semi-goverment? Please don't judge people preference as same as you don't like people to judge PR or foreigners."

    I never said it was wrong for choosing Gov jobs. But there simply too much unemployment struggling for Gov jobs and this create big problem when no locals tried to run their own business. If there are, they can hired their own local talents to build up the business together instead of relying the Gov TOO MUCH!

    There are more reason why I bet you don't even know why the Local, PR and Foreigner private companies were getting trouble and complains from the Gov job departments sometimes?

    Here is one of the example:

  5. Racist or not, local or foreigner, wise or stupid; I believe people should not look down upon others with threatening statement. I'm neutral. On neither side for above comments arguement. But the car incident mentioned in brudirect... the victim might be frustrated when the guy just blasted out, mentioning about citizenship issue.

  6. Starboy, don't worry the others (ahhemcitizensorwatsoever) saying that you're racist or what. You are not racist but they are the one and they're trying to cover their ass by saying so much crap. Truly spoiled and only whine over if they're not treated FAIR(oh, the nasi katok signboard should be bigger and brighter so that it is easier to be seen when you're driving on the road), not enough allowances, delay pay from the governments bla,bla,bla... Why delay? Look at them how they're moving in office(I didn't mean all but sadly most). It's like they're dancing slow motion Chacha without any music. Look at how they parked during 'sembayang' In the middle of the road? In the roundabout? And, you think locals are willing to work under the sun for harvesting the crops? Sultan had lead us by harvesting the padi for his own, and I wonder how many of you understand the message from His Majesty? What??


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