Hospital blood Result and Other

The doctor told me I have a bit high cholesterol according to my blood test result. No other was mention so far since this is only thing I can do in Government hospital. Well, at least I know something what I have to do starting tomorrow. Less (none) fried foods and fast foods are recommended by the doctor and also require more exercises. I’m not sure if I could control my eating habits, but I manage to try changing my eating habits many years now. There will be next blood test on December, so it’s time for a change.

Anyway, damn my stuffs haven’t arrived yet from Japan. I only received one parcel so far and two more to come. Just a bit worried when my Manga might arrive at the post office, well I need to read sometimes when I was in the toilet making cakes. There is no tracking number so I guess it will take a while and read the same Dengeki Hobby Magazine all over again. But the most I can’t wait is the items I order from HW Japan and really hope I might able to receive on Saturday because I really want to see it myself why Figma is so damn popular toy collection. I write a review on it soon.

One last thing, I don’t really like writing about H1N1 in my blog, but after reading the latest update in Brudirect. The raise of the infection is climbing everyday and I hope everyone is following the doctors advise ensure you don’t getting infect by it. Good luck and stay healthy always.


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