Will I Buy DIY PC Parts in Brunei?

Probably for some accessories, but my answers will always "hell NO!!!" for high end parts when it comes with buying in Brunei. I have been monitor Brunei PC markets for such a long time and it just causing more nightmare for me running away to neighbouring countries instead. It’s not like I do not want to support local business. They just make the price like a joke or something especially when it comes with worst warranty ever. I will never buy a hardware warranty carry only three to six months which is ridiculous and imagine you are paying for a high price for it. I think the worst warranty ever I have seen so far is the CPU sold at QQeStore. I laugh so hard when they told me they only cover only for ONE month warranty. I wonder if there are idiots in Brunei would buy it. Luckily QQeStore decided to remove from their list, I check few days ago. If QQ want to dominate the PC market in Brunei, the only simple way is get the original warranty cover directly from the manufacturers just like how Malaysian and Singapore did.


Although I don’t want to grantee about that, after my hard drive were having problem. I only paid $15.00 only for the shipping sending back to the manufacturer for repair. I did pay around one time more the purchase but it was definitely worth it for three years warranty. In Brunei, you can just dump to the rubbish bin after six months if anything happen on it. But you can tried to bring down to Miri to see if any PC vendor willing to help you to send back to manufacturer for repair and that’s the only I can see this way.


Only few things I can't really deny and I have to admit on buying new PC desktop and laptop are more affordable in Brunei comparing to other countries. Of course, there are also few reasons why we can get such a good price when it comes to pirated operating system. But some idiots still went all the way to neighbouring countries to get it which I still don’t understand these days. Every desktop PC and laptop covers one year warranty in every country, unless you purchase extended warranty. If you are local staying in Brunei. Just get it at your nearest PC shops and if anything happen you can go directly to them instead spending another fee going back to neighbouring PC shops for warranty. What a waste of time and trouble after seeing some people and even my customers doing that. Who knows they simply like to do that. >_>;


Anyway, if you are buying new hard drive, memory rams, main board, graphics card or processor in Brunei. Please do remember asked them about the warranty and check if they able to give at least one year and if they can send it back to the manufacturer for repair. Let’s hope it really does happen. But its better than nothing if that really happen!


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