As part of Chinese myself, I have been watching the latest Tibet news closely on Youtube and of course, follow up the headlines on the internet. I never knew the hatred blow their mind away and started the serious protest ever and seeking for Independence in Tibet this year. While the Olympic is so damn close, the Chinese Government didn’t realize this protest would break out so badly. Well, they deserved on this originally if the bloodshed and war didn’t happen 50 years ago. This kind of things cannot be easily forgotten and forgiven. This will still pass on to the new generation.


It’s hard to trace how the development from the past until now especially when Tibet is one of the best place to tour. There could be the financial issue and maybe probably the good benefit only goes to the China that causes so much heat on the Tibetans. But as far I little know about it, the China did indeed spend quite a lot of money improves the Tibet and that’s the fact. However, I was really surprised they were so many rural towns and people living there after watching the news video.


Doing peaceful protest is ok, but hitting people who are innocents are truly not acceptable. I heard there is a Chinese woman ear got cut off by the protestors when she tried to save two young girls. But both of them are safe and only the women lose one ear as reported. Maybe I should visit there one day when things cool down.


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