To Miri!

I was off to the neighboring country last Thursday. It’s been a long time since I step out of my house and went for some visit after two years. That’s why my passport pages are so clean without any stamps. Since it’s been a long time I didn’t travel to Miri. I decided spend my public holiday down there for little fun instead enjoying only watching animes and playing games. I really need some new air to relax and also look for my Utada Hikaru latest album recently just hit the store.


miri_21082008 (4) (1024x768)miri_21082008 (9) (1024x768)

(Photos Taken by Nokia N80 & Resize to 1024x768)


We first head over for lunch at 2020 place, around 10.30AM before we headed over to Mega Mart for doing exchange money. I really missed the foods there and I was like an idiot who hasn’t eaten for a few days. It was so damn delicious (sorry the picture is a non-MUSLIM food). After that we head straight over to Goldsmith for exchange money. The exchange rate is 2.29 (Thursday), which is quite good for us, Bruneian. I decided to exchange for B$100.00 for just in case my mom needed it. She is a money spender! Damn! No money for Figures and Gundam! ^^;;; Well, it’s our turn to take care my mom. But she can't stop me being Otaku!!!


Quite sad I have to say. It was so boring in Mega and I just follow around with my mom. We stop by at International Optical Co while waiting for my sister looking her new frame and purchase on contact lens. According to her friends, that shop was quite popular and not to mention they are many nice frame selections can be found there. There’s one more shop for some Chinese and Malay manga reader. There is one Chinese shop selling hugh manga on the second floor. If I am not wrong, there are English version too.


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(Photos Taken by Nokia N80 & Resize to 1024x768)  


Next stop, we headed to Parkson. After a long year I haven’t visit the place. Parkson is still a great place to shop and not to mention I finally found some Mugenbine toys actually selling over there. But damn, in the end I still didn’t buy it even there is 20% discount promotion. >_>;; I also went to check out if I could find Utada Hikaru latest album. By the time looking for it, I ended at the Popular book store. This is where you can find tons of books. There are so many people over there looking for books and checking out new recent release novel. If you are crazy book lovers, I’m sure that is the place for you.


I went to the upper last floor for my last sightseeing. I didn’t even expect that place has a cinema. That is the biggest reason why many teens like to hang out there. Of course, the Boulevard IT Superstore was there too. They are doing quite well these few years in the Miri market. I brought two CD-RW blank discs while I was there. The store is not as big as the one at original Boulevard building. You can still find tons of accessories and blank disc over there. I was surprise seeing them selling the DVD Dual Layer blank disc which cost RM$8.50 each. I also check out the speaker especially the Edifier products. Well, some of them are quite nice actually and the looks might not look that good. But judging by the looks is wrong I had to tell you that. I owned one of them and until now, the sounds are still beautiful and strong. I will never buy Altec Lansing. Why? They suck, that’s why!


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I was as tired as I decided to go to Sugerbun and order a drink. Love the ice Choco Loco, they are pretty nice including some chickies. Whenever the Bruneian goes down to Miri, they will definitely stop at Sugerbun or KFC or McDonald fast food restaurant. No other particular reason I think and it’s cheaper eating there. Parkson is also a really good place watching pretty girls too. XD I also met my clients and cousin back there.


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Our last location was Boulevard centre. Same as always, bunch of shoppers! I went up straight to second to E’Ling Reflexology Centre with my sister to get a foot massage and it cost only RM$24.00 for half an hour. That is considering enough for me as it was painful to keep going for another hour. That is also proofs I am not healthy. My sister when for another back massage and I decided to head over to third floor looking for my friend working at the PC shop near the Boulevard IT stores (again). Have a nice chat with him since I didn’t meet him for two years. Oh well, talk most about the schools and the PC stuffs. After that, went to check out for Utada Hikaru again. It seems to be nowhere to be found in the shops. The most unimagined things are that most of these music shops are selling more VCD & DVD movies than music. I am hardly able to find many of them right now. I think because probably the pirated copies causing them a bad business all these years. Of course same goes to the internet torrent. So Sad I couldn’t find Utada Hikaru album instead. So I decided to check out the rest of the shops to see what stuffs I could get there. Few minutes later, I found a shoe store name Meliwah Sports Centre. The shoes are pretty nice I have to say and spend quite a while over there choosing a right one. I wanted to get those shoes with graphic on it a long time since it look pretty cool and finally found a right one. But I can’t believe there are no available sizes for me to wear. In the end, I got a sport type alike. It looks good for me as it’s a non-graphic and simple. Check the picture below.


miri_21082008 (21) (1024x768)IMG_1903


I was supposed to get the brown color version, again, no more big size for my foot. Well, got it for RM$41.00 only and decided to wear to work next day. After finished buying my shoe, I went to buy some foods and wait for my mom and sister on the ground floor before you go for dinner before we head back home to KB. My leg was so tired after massage and muscle is starting getting pain. On and all, it was a nice one day trip and watching babes. ^^;;;


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