Sad News In Town

I just got words from my sister and friends that there is fire in the old house (nearby St John’s school) in Kuala Belait today which occur at the morning around 3.00AM. It was reported that at least seven people have burn to death. There were survivals (number were unknown) who made it and no serious injured were reported. However, the most serious issue has happen at the same time. No one knows if this is true or false. But this public’s voices were raises and very concerned when everyone heard this.


According to the survival, our local and the only nearest fire station firefighters were late for at least one hour. How did that happen and the distance can be reach between six to seven minutes? I was really shock and disappointed to hear this kind of news because they were actually should arrive at the scene the earliest. Not to mention they hit the biggest rock ever on their faces because the first arrived firefighters were actually came all the way from Panaga at Seria which took them at least fifth teen minutes, and also they are belong to Shell.


This has even lead to the investigations directly from the head officials at the capital. Everyone will have to wait for the BB news tomorrow or BB Sunday for answers as this is the worst case ever happen broke out in Brunei records.


Rest in peace to the victims.


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