Order Kane Expansion & Soul Storm

This few months has been too quiet for PC games release. I can’t play Supreme Commander RTS game because it needed high-end gaming system to run which is kinda suck. I can’t play Crysis FPS game because I can get sick easily with it. Well, it doesn’t mean I can’t play the others! That’s why today I decided to order Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars: Kane Warth Expansion and Warhammer 40K: Soul Storm expansion.


Buying C&C title is totally worth it! This time around they bundle with Razer RTS mouse, DeathAdder. And it cost only S$89.00 all together. Damn this is the best collection I can’t miss out! Due to this sudden online purchase, I decided to cancel some Gundam orders at HLJ.com and control my budgets for next month carefully including replacement brakes for my car. T_T;;; Hate my sister, doesn’t know how to drive. The brakes are badly gone.


Warhammer 40k Dawn of War is also one of my favourite games and Soul Storm expansion will not missed out in my list. I already figure this new expansion would come out because of the ending at Dark Crusader. Well hope I can get both of them next month. The shipment is becoming expensive I have to say, thanks to the stupid oil price rise recently that affecting the whole market and I am still worried about my online purchase in Japan. Tomorrow will be quite busy from my worked. Hopefully I am able to manage it to solve my purchase soon.


Anyway, don’t miss out the great price bundle for C&C expansion. Go to Gameshop Singapore to get it.



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