My Car is Fix!


Waking up early on Sunday is a waste. If it wasn’t my car brake got problem. I should be sleeping comfortably like an angel. Argg…after having my breakfast and met up with my friends. I bring my car to Mastiah Tyre and Accessories car workshop to check my car in industrial area in Kuala Belait. It turns out my brake water pump (I think) is totally fuck up and can’t be replace any small parts inside the pump. My only choice is replacing it and took me at least more than two hours waiting over there because I asked them to check my brake at the same time including servicing and replacing oil filter.




Everything turns out to be good news to me as my brake still can used for longer period. I remember my last replacement on my brake was one and a half years ago. Manual car really saved my money on maintenance and replacement parts if you maintain it well. It’s quite an old 90’ Toyota wagon and still working good conditions. A lot of people have asked me if I want to sell it. I never consider thinking about selling off. But still, I better keep it for work and not to mention the body is harder comparing to the new car these days. It might save my life on the dangerous crash, I guess. If you happen send your car for servicing and replacement parts in Kuala Belait. You might want to check out Mastiah Tyre and Accessories car workshop.


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