Support Anti-Aging Research

Have you ever think about living more than 100+ and enjoy seeing what changes might happen on this earth and new discovery on other planets? I am the person who is really interested if there are chances to prolong my life (not immortal) and prevent many diseases like cancers and heart diseases or any other worst scenario where children’s born still carries the same diseases from the previous generation. I really wish to prevent that happening or even wanted it happen. That’s where it comes with longevity research and anti-aging research had to be happening now, not just only in the future.

However, they are still many people don’t agree on such research these days. Truly, I don’t know why and not even really see much blogger really voicing or bring up any articles about the research. But Scott Wainer from was the only one I read so far, wrote a very good post about anti-aging research articles yesterday and I believe everyone should spend sometimes reading it including blog post about in your site to bring more attentions to the world.

Also, if you are the first 100 bloggers who blog post about the researching issue. You guys will receive $20 paid via paypal directly from Scott. More information can be found on his blog.


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