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I can’t believe somebody actually writes and complained about the users leave offensive comments in Borneo Bulletin Opinion page. I find it very funny about this blogger, I wonder if he or she really knew about the feature called comment moderations system? Here’s the funny complain post::


I am a frequent blogger and have been blogging for years. Recently there have been some offensive comments originated from Brunei posted on my blog.

I am unable to track down who posted the offensive comments but only know they are Bruneians.


Does Brunei deal with cyber crime like this like in Malaysia or Singapore where the offenders can be jailed or fined?


This incident has made me emotionally disturbed and I am too afraid to go to school to face everyone who knows me.


Luckily, my family and friends gave me strong support to ignore the offenders and face them.


They are wondering why don't I just shut down the blog but why do I have to end my hobby just because of some unknown offenders?


For your information, currently Brunei's tourist ambassador and famous star, Wu Chun, is also using this blog as he is well received in Taiwan.


I don't want to delete all the messages sent and also the photos already uploaded.

- Blogger


It is dealing with offensive comments such a problem? I think the spam comments are far worst then that and I hated that. Now, my point here is that, why do you need Brunei to deal with Cyber Crime on your blog? Did that person criticize our His Majesty and the family? Did that person leaking Brunei Governments secret documents and the unknown stories? Is that person stalking you every time on the internet and harassing you with your own modify pictures even disturbing phone calls? I am really interested on checking what the hell those bad local offensive comments and see it myself.


If that person violated one of the above questions I have asked. Then you can phone the local police to take action on that local users. If that person only personally attacks your blog, then it might probably one of the students from your schools or even likely your own friends. Any other possibility can be happen or maybe that local really hate you in the first place. It just depend on how you going to deal with the harassing or offensive comments. You can either close your comments or used the moderation for approval comments to protect your blog. That is the best solutions to deal with it.


I think every bloggers or non-blogger should already know the rules. Once you start running your own blog including posting the photos (your own too). You are already facing danger by putting yourself online. No one in Brunei will be able to protect you on the internet world. By the way, I’m not trying to attack the writer on the BB opinion, because I find this kind of complains doesn’t make sense in the first place.


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