No Longer 1999 for Toys

What do you think? I personally feel Hobby Search is becoming worse Japanese toy store than before and getting more expensive on the shipping. It’s not like I am so cheap or whatsoever. I just find hard to believe the total amount for the shipping fee I am paying for are ridiculously getting expensive. No matter how many items I buy thinking it might reduce the weight of the shipping cost. Sadly, it just doesn’t happen.

Last month, I was looking for Transformers United Blur and Preceptor because I missed the Hasbro wave in RK. HLJ doesn’t have any stocks so I decided to buy from there at the same time getting another Dengeki Hobby May 2011 with Wagtail kit again. What I didn’t expect the shipping fee hits me with 3,500 yen.

I know magazine and books cost a lot on shipping. But seriously, one magazine and two small TF toys that heavy? This is somewhat kinda bullshit system calculation. If I brought three magazines with one book and weapon kit that can only cost me 4,000 yen at HLJ. How the heck Hobby Search able to charge me such amount?  The shipping fee should be lesser that I pay for. No matter, if it’s not because I missed my collections. I won’t be paying it. This will be my last and won’t order anything again.


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