Western Digital Confirm 3 Years Warranty in Brunei

If you are terrible unlucky your hard disk drive busted after six month local warranty and cannot be replaced. No worried and don’t lost your hope yet. Don’t simply gave the old hard disk away or dump into the rubbish bin before you confirm the warranty statues is still valid from the official website. I got an opportunity to submit the serial number I got from the customers who brought in local shop and confirm Western Digital offer 3 years limited warranty for Brunei.


Please do note that the warranty for any Western Digital desktop, mobile or external hard drive selling in Brunei does not hold exactly 3 years warranty and might already over more than 3 to 6 month depending on their stock. For example, this screenshot below show one of my customers who brought the WD mobile 160GB HDD limited warranty is from 12th October 2008 until 12th October 2010 stated in the official site which he originally brought this month.


western digital


I don’t really blame the local shops for offering such warranty for their products because this is all depending on distributors marketing system. Also, I’m not trying to pour cold water on the local PC shops for not telling truth to the customers. This is business and even if you buy from other country like Singapore and Malaysia. Those folks over there will only provide one to one exchange within two weeks or maximum one month is the longest I know so far. After that, they will or you will have to RMA and send back to the local manufacturers in the end. But they are much easier and faster I have to say.


Due to the economics is uncertain in Brunei, I'm sure everyone wanted to saved your money for getting new one. If you wanted to tried warranty yourself, make sure you visit the WD warranty check and confirm you still have the replacement on the official site. Read the shipping and packing instructions BEFORE you pack the hard disk, and then you register the RMA form. All else, 30 days count will start and charges will be applied if they did not received it. Don't worry about the shipping information as it will be provided, if not, check this page. Hope my information can be useful to all fellow Bruneian to saved little more money.


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