Weekend Holiday Hoot for December!

I went to the capital with my family and cousin for weekend window shopping on last Sunday. Our first plan destination is the mall in Gadong. I didn’t really expect the shopping over there is quite boring now except there were some computer booths set up fill with crowds. Lucky me, it was a good opportunity first seeing the ACER gaming Predator and the high-end LCD display over there. I have to say the plastic quality build of the case looks pretty good and the design doesn’t seem that bad either. However, the downsides for my opinion are because it made of plastic and easily fill with dust. The LCD display was not bad either when it comes with fast response time and the brightness looks sharp. In the end, both of them are simply just too expensive for such setup. If you have cash to spare, get yourself a custom build.



***All photos taken using Nokia N80 and Resize to 640x480***


I also drop by in Bits Computer booth getting a China cheap notebook cooler for very low price B$6.00. I have been thinking for a while getting one for years and I totally missed out the good one at AC Ryan back in Singapore PC Fair. This time, I decided to grab one without thinking so much because I’m just going to used it for my wireless router and internet modem. A little bit of advice, Kingston memory cards and USB storage does come with 5 years warranty. You should be very careful on fake copy brand.



***All photos taken using Nokia N80 and Resize to 640x480***


After that, I spend B$7.00 for donuts set which contains six pieces from Fun Donuts shop in the Mall. It was quite delicious and my grandmother likes eating the Green tea donut favor which has less sugar in it. I recommended to everyone for afternoon tea and parties.


Next stop, we headed to Kiulap Mall. Damn boring and lots of shops closed over there. Without wasting much time, we then went straight over to the Hua Ho department store. I was at first expecting I might able to get the Network tester in Kiulap. No luck at all and just applied for Hua Ho discount card for $5.00 before heading to next Hua Ho store at another location. Well, luck was actually on my side and I was able to get two Neng Shou Network testers for B$4.30 each. Muahahaha…it was damn cheap and I decided to grab two of them before it runs out. It was an important tool requires being able use at work and especially when I was onsite. If you are looking cheap network tester, go shop in Hua Ho as they sell some of the computer accessories in very cheap price and of course, it was China made.




All and all I spend at least B$28.6 on weekend shopping. It was a bit sad when I am experience some money issue this year and thinking trying not to spend so much. I guess as long I am spending for something that can used in daily life and work. I don’t think it was a waste in the end. Happy shopping to everyone!


***All photos taken using Nokia N80 and Resize to 640x480***


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