Last Online Item Finally Arrived

Ebay is always a wonderful place to look for bargains and some collection stuffs. Last month, I decided to try out buying hard to find PC game called Supreme Commander Gold Edition at Google search. My search results are always ended up in Ebay and I just go ahead open a new account continue looking for best bargain I could get from around the world. Of course, before I buy. I did do some research and learn tips before buying anything in Ebay. Although the only question still remains on my mind if you really can trust the short comments listed in the seller information are created by them or groups. I’m not sure how the today rules and the system have improved so far. But another lookout is also the power rating of the seller is important, according to Ebay.


Ebay December Online Hoot 2008


Anyway, I ended up in barginclozit store and the game prices are really bargains. I place my order and waited at least three weeks to arrive in my post from US. The only complained about the priority shipping service is the USPS that do not update it’s tracking and so the risk of losing it is quite high. You should pay another US$2.00 to insured the items if the seller using USPS services. To my surprise is that the game is brand new and seal. I am currently playing the game and I addicted for many days without updating my blog and forget about the Christmas day.


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