The New Whole Red Alert 3

I wonder how many of you are C&C fans in UGAME? I pre-order the Red Alert 3 Premium Edition last month and already arrived in my post. I have to say I am very disappointed because EA has made an empty promise about a free RA3 game instead I gotten a RA3 T-shirt and a 2GB ugly pen drive. But I am better than the others because there are lots of buyers out there don’t even have a single free game and extra items like mine above. The previous best C&C collections I got are Razer Death Adder (EA version) mouse and Razer mouse pad including t-shirts from Command & Conquer 3 and Kane Wrath with very good bargains. Not sure what happen to EA these days the bundle and limited version becoming non attractive anymore.



Anyway, what does the Red Alert 3 Premium version contains inside the tin? Check out the picture below for reference.

  • 1x Installation DVD Game
  • 1x Bonus Documentary DVD Video
  • 1x Red Alert 3 Sound Track
  • 1x Future Beta Key
  • 1x Red Alert 3 Bonus Map
  • 1x Warhammer Online Exclusive in-game item
  • 1x Poster
  • 1x Manual book
  • My In-Game Single Player Experience

Red Alert 3 has change quite a lot compared to Red Alert 2 and this time the game developers offer a new feature by introducing a co-op option to play with computer or your friends and family on network on any missions. The game play is short in all three fractions and it took me at least five days to finish the entire mission. It’s quite disappointing as you don’t find any extra or optional mission to enjoy with. Every mission I encounter is mostly rushes and fight against with the time limit. I wonder what’s wrong with the EA game developers nowadays. More like they run out of ideas making good game instead of focusing on selling.


My In Game Multiplayer Experience

I have to say it’s quite disappointing at first. Problem connecting to server and patching progress causes so much frustration among the gamers when the game first launch. After they releases four multiplayer fix patches online. The multiplayer now works great. However, I still experiencing disconnection from matching from time to time and I don’t like the player’s chat room. Nevertheless, EA is now working a big patch to fix and change the multiplayer soon.



Sometimes I do not really understand why Command & Conquer and Red Alert do not include the extra button mode for patrolling? If you remember playing General game, they actually include it and it makes the units much more useful for defending and using against incoming enemies. Why didn’t they want to include in Red Alert 3 this time? I having a hard time defending my base because of the unit idle a lot and even on air. I sometimes feel hard to maintain my defending and offense at the same time playing with AI. Of course, in multiplayer, that was a different story. But I do believe having a patrol mode won’t affect the game balancing.


Other complains is just the ending story is very bad. It’s doesn’t explained much details about the future. For example for Allied story, the American President was a spy from Empire Rising Sun. There are no clear explanations of what happen to him after the Empire fall. This make the whole game looks bad to me as it doesn’t really matter if there are any popular celebrities inside or not. Hopefully the next expansion might explain it. I do not know what other C&C fans think. But to me, good stories and balance multiplayer game is a must. However, Red Alert 3 single players are simply lack of that.


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