My Red Alert 3 Got Tax!

It was confusing when I get my first 5% tax in the post office. I have been buying PC games for five years and never got a single tax. So the question is, why now? I actually end up in the Internal Security Department to confirm the problem I am facing and get more information before I start another purchasing.


The custom officers at the department are friendly with me except one of the custom ladies pissed me off in the post office when she said I am wasting her time asking nonsense about why I am getting tax. I wonder who really actually wasting the time here? Her sit is just a few second away from her or I am the one driving to the post office and to Internal Security Department to clarify the problem wasted for half an hour? She takes her job for granted and abuse her power. I did not want start a war with her because I eventually might encounter her next time, so I decided not to put up a fight with her. You won’t know she might fuck you around.


Anyway, for your tax information from Internal Security Department I got. Any movies, music and games will get tax around 5% to 20%. 20% is considering too high for such import entertainment goods to me and I have to say it’s BULLSHIT! Why? Brunei local shop is selling FULL of PIRATED movies, games and music’s. We got high tax of buying original stuffs which I find it non common sense at all and much like encourage us to buy pirated instead or pay more for express delivery. I was lucky for 5%.


As for the computer hardware, only power supply unit, wireless and modem will be tax. Printer unit will not be tax. However, there was tax previously applied but even the customs can’t confirm with me. I’m sure no one will buy printer from online, probably only Dell I can guess right now.


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