Cosplay in Brunei - Update

I just met a new online friend, name Jeslyn, who add me today and chat about anime and cosplay stuffs ^^;. Surprisingly after few minutes chat. I didn’t really know that there is cosplay show in Brunei as well and already been run back on June. She also mentions that it was also organize last year too. I really have no idea about this and have to say this is going to be interesting in the future. You see, Brunei is a boring place and we need something fun, of course kids friendly events that can attract crowds including a good opportunity attracts tourism nearby visiting. It just of matter how people look at it.


Seriously! If you are one of the locals or foreigners cosplayer and interested to joined, you are welcome! Don’t be shy! However, according to Jeslyn, the cosplay will be just a small meeting, the locations and approval is still unknown yet. You can check out the blog website and contact them if you are interested joining or sponsors them.


If you are local bloggers, please help to spread some words. Cheers!


  1. Hi, it's me Jeslyn. It's not a mini-convention. Just a small meet were artists and fellow cosplayers meet. Sorry for the confusion caused. >w<


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