New Dell E228WFP Monitor

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Finally I decided to purchase the value version wide screen LCD from Dell. This Dell E228WFP monitor is quite enough most users who like Photoshop, 3D Designs and watching movies. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to get the price of B$368.00 offer price from Dell Singapore (Sintex is coming, keep your eyes open). You might even get a good deal for other higher and larger screen version. Well, actually I suppose to get the Dell S2409W Full HD Monitor which cost B$489.00 (offer price). I change my mind because I still own my friend money so I have to be very careful on my spending.


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I have to say I am satisfy with the overall viewing and more spacious on my desk. You just need some adjustment over the brightness and contrast when you first powering up. Movies, TV Shows and Anime I have watch are fine. This is depending on what quality format you actually watching. I tested some HD format and they are good and I’m sure running Blu-Ray movies will definitely gives you great viewing. But I will recommend you get the HD type monitor from Dell 24 inch model and its cost B$489.00 at offer price.


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Gaming works perfectly with FPS game I tried with Area 51 running 1680x1050. I have to say kickass and getting sick much faster. Oh man, I feel a bit sick now. As for the old game, I think I need to find some hack for it to run correctly on wide screen monitor. You can't expect older game could run it, right? Anyway I haven’t tried Red Alert 3 yet because it hasn’t arrived in my post and there are so many negative posts at the forum about the game problem. I got to wait until every cool down and latest patches for RA3. Damn, I hope my old PC can catch up with the performance since I am still waiting for CPU to arrive.


Overall the Dell E228WFP monitor fit my taste and great comfortable for my eyes viewing. The extra thumbs up goes for three years one to one exchange and you can’t go wrong with that. The only negative is just the brightness you really need to adjust.


Dell also recently just announced two new HD display line up. I would suggest you wait and check out the price. i can't wait because my monitor is dead. ^^; i will get another one next year.


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