Busy! Busy! Life Suck! :3

Ha! I think this year it’s another fuck up year. All my stuffs and PC broken one by one, giving me a lot headache. Hai~ I have to rush my friend for the CPU real quick, all else it just matter of time when it going to stop working.


Anyway, not much activity lately for me these past few weeks and expect more less blogging. It just something came up unexpectedly and earns some personal income to fix my repair cost. Probably I think because end of the year is coming so close and I have no idea what the hell am I supposed to do. That’s why I always living in a boring life thinking about fixing my income. =3


Well, next month it’s my cousin wedding and she born at the same year as me. She will be the first one getting married. Really happy for her finding a great partner who can take care of her and also a good family who like her very much. As for me, a long way and I might end up being single forever. I have no idea and yet have plan for looking new partners. Some girls out there are telling me for date. I don’t really know why, I just too afraid of something and confused for reason I don’t even understand myself.


I'm going to played Left 4 Dead demo now. My mind is stress and need some zombies killing right now. Man, I think I'm going to throw. brrr.....





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