Does Credit Card Make You Own More Debts?

Today Brudirect has posted an interesting topic related to our daily life using credit card. According to the news, she was a highly educated and earns $3,000 per month while she ended up over with $9,000 debt because of the credit card. I wonder who the blame is. The money spender or the credit card made of plastic without life and soul? Probably, the boyfriend doesn’t work? Nothing to shame about that and it’s normal these days for woman taking good care of men. I see that a lot and I am not one of them.


Owing a basic credit card is easy nowadays and not to mention you can pay later by next month. The first credit card I owned was Master supplementary card under my sister. I remember my salary was around $500 per month which I didn’t expect the bank would allow it. I did applied for Visa for the second time, but was rejected. Then later, I applied again myself for Visa card because of inconvenience using the security device and check the correct amount I had to pay using my sister one. However, I ended having Visa and Master card together from HSBC. I don’t know if the staff who applied for me is deaf or just for the sake to earned interest from the job. Anyway, not bad at least. I do really happy using it as I can monitor and plan my purchasing carefully. I am going to throw my MasterCard away next year before my interest free end, just keeping Visa because it got the best exchange than Master.


To be honest, I do laugh when I read interview that some of the bank employee’s “felt guilty” by issuing credit card to their customers with bad financial statues. It just bunch of bullshit words coming from them. If they really feel guilty about it, they should reject the application in the first place to ensure and minimize the problem. Of course, every banks need a good reputations and customers to used their products. But I will never used the word “guilty” very lightly, it carry a huge responsible when you say that. It’s not just a simple pity is enough to comfort people. If you can’t even help them, best to avoid using this word and act like a nice person because they don't need it.


Anyway, how badly am I when using both two of my credit card? Sometimes bad I have to admit but I do not owned any of the debt and allow any extra any late charges to happen every month. This is how I prevent myself into the mess. You see, if I delay the payment, I will get charge by $20 at least every month which I can’t even easily earn from one day on work unless I go pick up soft drinks tin to sell it or work part time. I know using credit card is so easy like one two three. But planning your budgets and corrects merchant which offer the lowest price as possible is my first priority. And I plan carefully ahead on my next purchase Gundam and PC Games from online every month to ensure I am able to settle it next month. Normally, I just tried not to eat at lunch or buy cookies to save up. But this is what I do now looking at my current salary. My own rule is always keep yourself debt free.


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