Creative Online Store Now Shipping to Brunei

It was a boring day in the office and tried to look for some new online store in Brunei. Didn’t expect the Creative online store would shows up in my Google search. I can’t say when it exactly started offering for Bruneian buyers. But the prices are pretty attractive and some promotions you might find interested worth purchasing on at Creative official store.



This is truly a good move for Creative, but and of course not good for the local shops who tried selling Creative products. Anyway, the good news is we all pay in Brunei dollar and many of their products come with one year warranty. The shipping fee is depending on the weight on the items you order and there will provide tracking number of your orders which is pretty good for me. Be warning, however, if you order speakers to Brunei. There will be possible taxes in the custom post office. I do not have the figures on that; it is recommend asking the local custom first before you make a purchase. Only sound cards will not get tax since it is under computer category.


Check out the official online store!


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