Microsoft Brunei, Makes Your Life Miserable

Microsoft was originally launching their services in Brunei last year. Of course, many of you might think mainly because pirated issue in Brunei and they are likely slowly to take action against all local shop to sell pirated Window into newly build PC to the customers. This includes encouraging Governments, schools and companies to used genuine copies of Window and Office to run their business.

There are things that really bother me about their marketing programs. I don’t know if they are here to help telling to us all that using pirated copy on our system is bad and easier infected by virus if we don’t update our Window. But it turns out to me like the Microsoft somewhat wasn’t doing all this shit instead of making everyone finance life’s much more harder than ever especially the local PC shop are suffering from the sales. I’m sure anyone already notices something is wrong with the OS pricing when you tried to get a license for Window XP or Vista OEM version if you take the survey carefully. Don’t you find the prices were set nearly twice the amount compare to other countries? This is the reason why I get my license from Singapore instead and I have to say I save $50 buck cheaper for an OEM than in Brunei.

If you remember hearing buying genuine operating system and software will helps them to create more jobs. How many do you see the locals actually working with Microsoft today? I don’t know whose the retard is making such idiotic statements. But all I know they make the PC shop business suffers more from selling license Windows or office and customs build PC to the customers because of their crazy price that doesn’t even make any single commissions out from it. Scaring away the customers wasn’t the only problem and they rather having to use pirated version even more forcing PC owners to install it for them.

However, there’s a big catch for the company’s owner. If you intend to buy the genuine Asia Pacific Windows or Office license from other countries like Singapore or Malaysia for your office PC. Well, you are going to feel fuck up on this. According to the local Microsoft (lawyer I heard, Oooo…), they can point a finger at you using pirated version because you are not buying from them locally. This actually makes me confused by it and mad as I went to check on the Microsoft OEM territory for more information. What I found out is that Brunei is still not listed yet on the website, which is why the local Microsoft said you are using pirated version. Don’t ever get yourself wrong about the territory, most importantly is Brunei originally belonging to Asia Pacific region. To my own opinion, if you are getting genuine license label in Asia Pacific, you won’t get any trouble activating in Brunei. The only problem is the local Microsoft. To me, they have no right to say it was pirated from the beginning with because they were also selling Asia-Pacific version to us. What’s the different in the first place? He only missing thing is the label that only sell in Brunei only. This was intentionally trying to threaten and force you buying new OEM PC or laptop.

I don’t know who the one sitting behind the table is and I don’t know why Singapore and Malaysia are so successful with their marketing strategy and had better promoting the use of genuine programs. But for my own opinions, starting Microsoft in Brunei is a mistake if it doesn’t help the economics better and offer friendly programs to the local business or affordable price. They are only here to just make profits in the end.


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