HLJ January Hoot and CHOIIX Arrived

Both of them arrived yesterday and I didn’t post because I was working on the recovery data for the country manager laptop. It was terrible stress last night. It was a disaster doing the Window repairing because of one simply upgrading memory ram causes the logon account won’t load and ended up working until eleven o’clock. After bath, I went straight to watch Gundam OO S2 Episode 15 and I love the ending song ‘Trust you’.

Hobby Link Japan

Arrived 004s

I mention before I have order the spray paints to work on my next Gundam model. I got most of them from Mr Hobby products because the color quality is really good when I used it on 1/144 GP02A scale model. I brought one White, Dark Gray, Neutral Gray and Light Gray. Almost all gray! I wanted to see which colors are suitable for the mechanical parts and weapons. For the 1/144 scale models, I brought one Gundam Green Astray (first) and my first Kotobukiya R-Gun mecha under the sales list. I don’t think much at the time for good bargain. ^^


Arrived 005s

My last year prize item I won from Choiix. It’s an Ergonomic Metal Sleeve (C-MB02) which can carry the size of the laptop with 12”w and 13”w. Selina was kindly to put in a letter asking the winner to help writing the review and promote their products. Don’t worry, Selina, I already plan to review because I really like it. I’m going to do the photography tonight because I was lucky to have a 13” Sony VAIO (not mine!) with me for demo for my review.


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