January Online Hooting

HA!!! I will never learn any lessons stop spending money! Chinese New Year is coming next two weeks soon and I’m dying hard hunting some red packets for covering my orders soon. ><;;; That was not the only reason I dared to spend, it’s because I manage to get a small bonus from my salary. But I have to admit this is not consider a good news to me, since it just a refund from my own transportation fuel using at work last year which my boss never intend to pay. I guess better than nothing.

I am able to settle half of my mom debts today and going to save some for next month settling my friend also. It doesn’t feel too good delaying the payment, even though my friend is okay with it. Well, after a few thought about controlling my spending. From now on, I will only purchase Gundam when there are sales or clearance at online store only. Because this is the only best way to avoid over spending my budget limit every month and I have to say it’s quite effective for me. Hehehe….

Anyway, I already made a purchase on both Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan. I am expecting them to arrive not later before Chinese New Year and I have to start assemble my Gundam soon.


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