Annoying Drivers Barbarian

This is what I hated most when driving any where in the country experiencing such abuse from our local people. I don’t recall anything what happen yesterday. All I know there was a sport car tail behind and honk few times direct on me apparently for no reason after I turn around from small junction. I suspect maybe the causes of driving too slow, around 60km/h? I have no idea who the person was.

I know I shouldn’t have done this aggressively, but I was totally pissed off when I turn in cross junction and that asshole gives me another honk again. I pull the brake, reverse and gave a chase using a under power 1990 Toyota Wagon. @_@ What I intend to do at that time was ask him what the fuck is wrong with him and settle in police station once a for all. I’m sure he saw me braking and reverse. If that guy has the ball, he will surely attack me, I will definitely record down the events. But that fucker speed off so fast I couldn’t even find him. I’m sure everything will definitely turn out ugly if he stops. I don’t care because these people think they are gangsters like and power to do whatever they like in the country.

Normally we ignore those road abuses or bullies from time to time, but however, when things don’t turn out to be nice. I would recommend everyone to bring them to the police to settle the matter. Although there are strong possible hints those police knew and were best friends with them. We still have to put them down into the complain list no matter what. I don’t really care which family they come from, but when there are doing bad things to the public. They should be punishing by Brunei laws. If it doesn’t turn out to be helpful. Write a complain letter to the head Police department to the capital to make it worst and pressure the case.


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