Gundam Dynames - Finished!

Phew! Finally it’s done! I started yesterday afternoon to work on the Gundam Dynames 1/100. I don’t really know which to start parts I should be doing instead I go ahead doing all at the same time. I think more than five years I have not starts to assemble Gundam and my work is a bit messy doing the spray paint and cleaning up the parts. At first, I was thinking going for the easy one because I still had not assemble the last year 1/144 Blue destiny 02 and GM Striker which I brought it last year. I will make another order for Blue Destiny 03 and some restock on spray paint next month. I think I am getting SD version as well. The Romance of Three Kingdoms looks really good too and I have seen it myself. Anyway, my Dynames is waiting for me to talk about him. Work logs begin!

Full size pictures [at] this link.

Day 1 - Starting

My first day on Brunei National Day public holiday working on Dynames in the afternoon. I couldn’t finish it even until night as I decided to stop and rest. The biggest mistake is I didn’t buy a temporary mask for my protection when working on the kits. I have inhale so much on the thinner, glues and spray paint these two days. I will be getting it next month including a plastic hand gloves.

Day 2 - Done!

Alright, sometimes guy do like buying a cute plush dolls. ^^;;; Okay, the second picture shows a success finished the arms and leg. More close up shots.

Closer shots.

The mistake spots on the head especially the sniper mode.

Working on guns and painting! I like my worked on sniper gun. I have to says it look good. Only the guns storage is the problem. It always destroy the holding parts when I insert into it. The clear UV won't protect it long. I should check out some mod tips to prevent this kind of problem.

Armors and guns are all up! Work Done!


Gundam Dynames on some actions!!! Well, that's all for now. I will worked on Blue Destiny once I get hold on BD-03 next month. Now, I have to find a IKEA furniture for my Gundam and figures display.



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