Hey Chen, Are You Going to kill yourself? - Update!

It seems like a lot of celebrities love to film their own sex video nowadays. I read a lot of news about the stars in America and it’s not a really big deal to them. But if you are going to become a super star in Hong Kong, you better keep yourself clean. The paparazzi over there will never let you go easily and they will surely make you suffer.


I was really surprise there was such a sex video case happen in Hong Kong. I think every HK fans already knew who he is and this news is so hot. Yes, Edison Chen, and here’s news I read from The Star (Malaysia) today:


HONG KONG heartthrob Edison Chen has reportedly attempted suicide after partially nude images of him with several starlets started circulating in the Internet.


China Press said yesterday that the singer-actor became depressed over the issue and avoided food lately. 


He had also reportedly confined himself to his home in the United States, where he fled to after the controversy erupted.


The daily said Chen’s image hit rock bottom after the scandal came to light. Several companies which had sought Chen’s endorsement for their products have also terminated their contracts with the star.


LOL everyone is crazy looking for the picture and video. I already see the picture and I love to see the rest and the video. Well, don’t expect any download link here. Look for yourself!


Edison Chen got what he deserved in punishments and should suffer more. He dug his own grave too deep and left laying around the video he record too much. He really has to thank the traitor or his own best friends who leaks this video source to the public. Even if my girlfriend willing to let me film our own sex video, I will probably hide and delete after we couple watch it. JUST AN EXAMPLE!!! XD keeping it just make you worst and you won’t know what is coming for you if someone finds it. Internet world is now the best place looking for sources. For now, I’m going to bid him going for suicide! Hahaha!


Update: After I went deeper checking out Edison Chen news. The photos were stolen and copy from his Mac Book which was originally sent for repair as he also forget to get rid of it. All the media are still at large and some rumor he and MaggieQ got a sex video uploaded from the net. LOL He owned!!! Read more at Shangaiist post (Please note that it contains some of the nude photos with censorship).


  1. hmmm thats weird isn't it. First malaysia's minister then hong kong artist. It feels like the society really hv so much to learn again.

    oh hey hey uve been in and out of my blog so many times. Dropping by to say Hello, nice to meet u. We shud meet up sometimes.

  2. Nice to meet you too. Meeting? no problem! ^^

    this have become common news in the US. But in Asia, that was a big hit. The malaysia one is ok and has been quiet. in Hong Kong, it might take quite a while and even a year to clam down the scandal.


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