CHMS Lion Dance 2008

Every Chinese New Year, everyone will go to see the Lion Dance in Chung Hua Middle School (CHMS) at any place in Brunei. Of course for me I will go to my nearest town which is my old school in Kuala Belait. I never had been to Seria before which is until now even it takes me 20 minutes to reach there. Unless my friends asked me to go with them, but it just never happen. I also went to Tutong and the Capital to perform few years ago when I was still at school. I have to say it was the most enjoyable moment and we owed the stage when my sensei started out the dragon dance. Even it was impressed by His Majesty including other visitors from many countries on the Sultan Birthday as far I remember. I really missed those excitement days. Time flow like a wind blew.


Anyway, I wonder how my town Chinese school is going to entertain us this year. Last year was disappointed I have to say and the performance are same as previous year. However, I was happy I am able to meet up with my lion dance sensei at the open house and asked him to share his view on this year. He told me that there will be better and more changes in the performance including more programs added to the list. I guess missing the event is not a good idea, and at the same time I need to check out the stadium that was renovated last year.


***All photos are taken by Canon PowerShot A710 IS.


The new entrance? WTF? I don't know who came up with this idea.CHMS_liondance_2008 (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (2) (1024x768)

CHMS_liondance_2008 (3) (1024x768)

Although the place has filled with plenty of air conditioning in the stadium, I was surprised to see the place becoming to cramp and difficulty for non-VIP to look for the empty seats. If you look at the picture, it was still around 18.20PM. The performance starts at 20.00PM and you have to be there early if you are non-VIP. I still took my time walking around and take some pictures on the lion while I can before more people coming in to take over my seats.


Well, I still prefer the old version. The new one look too cute for ladies. CHMS_liondance_2008 (6) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (8) (1024x768)

My Uncle son taking time filling up his stomach. LOL! I always like to show that ugly face. Damn I'm FAT!!!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (12) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (13) (1024x768)

Finally BEGIN!!! The Lion Dance Trooper. All new faces!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (28) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (30) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (32) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (38) (1024x768)

First dance show. Comon and twist again! (It was playing oldies song) Nice move on that one.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (42) (1024x768)

Second stage. Kung Fu weapons performance!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (46) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (50) (1024x768)


Third Stage. Cute little lion dancing!

 CHMS_liondance_2008 (53) (1024x768)

Forth Stage. CHMS S.H.E idols? I can't hear them singing properly because of the speaker not turn on loud enough. Who's fault? De damn schxxl! XD

CHMS_liondance_2008 (55) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (56) (1024x768)

Fifth Stage. Another dancing. Amazingly, one of the kid do a break dance at the end.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (57) (1024x768)

Sixth Stage. Finally Lion Dance Shows!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (64) (768x1024)

Seventh Stage. One of my relative in the group.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (69) (1024x768)

Break time over! The lion hunt for red packets.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (75) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (77) (1024x768)

CHMS_liondance_2008 (80) (1024x768)


Eighth Stage. They Stomp De yard! If they are able to correct the mistake on the timing. I'm sure they will do better.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (86) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (88) (1024x768) CHMS_liondance_2008 (89) (1024x768)


Ninth Stage - Kung Fu and Weapons Performance

CHMS_liondance_2008 (93) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (96) (1024x768) CHMS_liondance_2008 (97) (1024x768)

Tenth Stage. They Stomp De Yard 2.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (100) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (102) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (101) (1024x768) 

Eleventh Stage. Lion Dance 2

CHMS_liondance_2008 (113) (1024x768)

Twelve Stage. Chinese Dance

CHMS_liondance_2008 (116) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (120) (1024x768) CHMS_liondance_2008 (124) (1024x768)


Last Stage. Lion Jumping Fire Performance and dance.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (129) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (135) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (137) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (140) (1024x768)


Last Ending Surprised!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (154) (768x1024) CHMS_liondance_2008 (156) (768x1024)


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