Mini MS Stand and Flying Base II First look

Sometimes I really wanted to try the different brands for displaying my Gundam pose as much as possible during photography whenever I finished my work on it. Bandai original Action Base One and Two was the best option for the task and also usable by many others plamo including ability to expand using the same display stand. But the only draws back are many of the existence own Gundam model kits does not supported by the action base which is quite troublesome when I found out after completing the HG1/144 Astray Green Frame. To solve this issue in the future, I have to try out the other display stand products for better answer which is why I currently brought Hobby Base Mini Stand and Kotobukiya Mechanical flying Base III to see how good these two it can be use for displaying my model kits.

Hobby Base Mini MS Stand

I’m not sure if you (Gundam modeler) heard this company before, but they also make plastic supporting modeling kits and other display stand products. Mini MS Stand was one of them and it cost ¥475 yen each. It comes with at different colors of your choice.

The Mini MS Stand has a very strong flexible rod to hold any figures or HGUC model kits in any positions. Also it has square look base to attach your own self made name plate and can be open to store any small parts inside.

The disadvantage about the Mini MS stand, however, requires putting some heavy objects inside the base to prevent the posing fall due to the size and weight of the base. This only happen if you put an angle poses on your kits.

Kotobukiya Mechanical Base Flying II

One of the popular companies in Japan who release many quality figures, Super Robot Wars, Armored Core and others support modeling goods around the world. They are most likely trying to conquer the plastic modeling market. That’s why I want to find out how good its going to work for me.

There are two type of Mechanical Base flying. The first is the fixed stand sold at ¥500 yen and the second version I brought sold for ¥600 yen with adjustable arms stand. The size of the base measure 11cm x 11cm which is still not quite a big as Bandai Action Base 1, not to mention it sold ¥50 yen less.

There are also three types of holder provide can be use in 1/72 Armored Core, 1/100 and 1/144 Gundam and future Kotobukiya model kits. But somehow, I find that it really not suitable to used for 1/100 posing. The weight is one of the issues due the size of the base and unlike Mini MS Stand. Other issue I also find the adjustable arms may comes to lose one day easily since it does not used any screw like Bandai did on the action base to prevent it happen.

Although I do find some disappointment on the Mechanical Base Flying II, it still have its own great way to display your others plamo like what I did to my two SD Sangokuden Gundam below.

Anyway, in the end coming to a verdict which one I like better for photographing. I have to say both of them deserved a good credit and I decided to have both of them. I believe it can be use on any diaroma sets and places for photographing because Bandai action base is not really suitable for the task. So these two will definitely going to serve me well.


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