Is PR That Bad? Nope, Just Need a Home

I have been reading this everyday and years about the problem being Permanent Resident in Brunei at Brudirect HYS sections. Many people complaining why those of us who live here for more than 20 years can’t receive yellow IC permanently rather than having us to takes the examination which is unfair. To me, I don’t even think what the local Governments and His Majesty did was unfair. This is the reason to test how much we know our country history, governments and if we know how to speak the original Malay languages.

If you asked me, I knew nothing single things about that and the worst part is I don’t even know there is zoo in Temburong. HA! I’m not really into or plan on getting yellow IC examination which is why my mom, uncle, auntie and other relatives piss off at me thinking like that. I know once you obtain the Bruneian citizen, you can get access to better standard of living, and better jobs and of course less stress applying for housing and shops which not only help your children and next generation in the future. I’m not really good at studying and memorizing Malay subjects. I failed almost every class during my high school so I don’t think I am capable getting pass from the exam. Yeah I give up easily because I truly hate studying which is why I ended up with low pay jobs everywhere I go. I never regret that for being low class. ^^;;;

Normally, I don’t really find much problem being a PR. It just the only disadvantage, only and my biggest concern in my life are getting your own house. Applying land is hard and low income PR are eventually disqualified getting house loans. There are too many low incomes PR in Brunei these days and especially when those who are temporary living in BSP or Shell development area that do not had money to buy houses had to force to move away. This is why His Majesty and the Governments need to look into the matter and allow low income PR to access to buy affordable housing. I already read the news about the BEDB plan on building 4000 houses next four years timeline and I do not know if we PR allow applying loan for it. This greatly concerns me a lot because there are no information’s been given to the public. It was obvious knowing Bruneian will eventually get access easily. But us? We can only wait for hope every day.

Anyway, PR is fine, at least for me. But just need a home for your family.

The next PR entries are going to be more insulting and ranting after reading the HYS today about some idiots whining and started becoming racist.


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