Nice Try Telbru

This is totally disappointment I ever had using Telbru services. I have been seriously affected by the internet performance issue last week starting on Thursday I believe. Almost everyone in my town and KB area were experience bad internet. But many of their internets recover back without much problem after two days. Mine still struggle to have an unstable 512kbps speed and my download is only stable to below 48 kb/s for many days now. I call the center and get the technician over to test my speed and it was below 480kbps. Then he brings out the new Alcatel modem to test it and the speed is stable and showing some sign of dropping below in few test. I thought he is going to change it because they are now using a new system to manage the internet. It comes to my surprise and the stupidest part is. I have to buy it to get my internet speed back. What the fuck am I paying it for every month and is it because I am using Hua Wei modem causing this internet issue? Nice try and I’m not going to buy that shit.

It’s funny how the technician explains the problem and they knew Hua Wei modem is causing the issue all along a long time. To me buying the new modem is totally bullshit when there is nothing wrong with my current modem and also when the internet issue is just started last week. I can’t really accept such an option and it’s totally pointless to spend my money for a new modem just to get my speed back. Their ideas of way of convincing us to pay for a new modem will not work smoothly. Telbru buy a fuck up equipment from Hua Wei and now switching to a new system so that they can ignore the previous problem? I’m not going to fall for that and will only buy when my modem is totally not working or brick. I am going too kept on complain until they get my speed back no matter what starting tomorrow.


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