Local Gunpla Competitions 2011

This is truly great news for all local Gunpla builders. Chong Hock Toynation just announced they will be hosting Gunpla competitions in July (to be confirmed again). I’m still not sure what categories we might expect in the competitions. But if you are interested, the below is the information how to submit yours participations form. (just realized I read it wrongly. =P) you can submit your feedback to Eric. Also you got fours month to customize to the limit everyone!
Yes! CH-Toynation will be hosting the first ever BRUNEI GUNDAM COMPETITION 2011! I am now currently looking for interested party who are willing to participate in our GUNDAM COMPETITION around JULY 2011. I know there are many customizer out there in Brunei who do amazing good job in transforming their stock Gundam to something that is out of this world. If you do not customize, do not fear, we also have slot for people like you who just build it out of the box.
At this moment, I do not have the full details yet but I would like YOU to give me some feedback so that I can properly organize this event that will also coincide with our 2011 COSPLAY COMPETITION. This is a local event so is not official Bandai event and of course CH-Toynation will be the sponsor for all the prizes on Gundam and Cosplay.
Please fill in some simple question below and email to
email : ch-toynation [at] live [dot] net (opss!) com
Name :
Age :
Sex :
1. How many Gundam will you be willing to showcase?
2. Which Gundam will you showcase?
3. Do you have any casing to protect your Gundam?
4. Is your Gundam customized ?
Hope to get a positive feedback from you Gundam Fans out there!


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