Time 4 A Laptop

This year I probably am going to be putting myself into more aggressive decision buying new gadgets. I already accomplished getting (nah! Loan) new car. Now, the next target is getting a laptop and then new cell phone. My company currently is offering promotion for the latest ACER models which I heard are limited productions models across Malaysia.

The one I am getting is Acer Aspire AS4750G-2414G50, which offers very attractive B$1024.00 price. Of course I can get lower than that as an IT staff. I already had done a check on the laptop specification, definitely fast enough for normal usage and onsite works. For your information it also comes with an Apacer 16GB thumb drive, Trend Micro 2011 Titanium Internet Security and extended three years warranty as a free gift.

Now, the criticism about Acer products will never disappear from the history itself. I know a lot of people are unhappy with their laptops and service in the past. A lot of us do prefer getting Dell laptop instead due to its best onsite service rating which I hope Acer should do the same thing opening a centre in Brunei. But I decide to give it a go for three years and see it myself if the products has improve.

You should be seeing the latest models promotion anytime at the local ACER reseller’s computer shop by now. Mine haven’t arrived yet because I am paying for two month and not yet deposit. Once received it, I will run a full review.


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