Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise + I.W.S.P – WIP #1

I simply can’t argue the new year holiday days is boring until I decided to plan things ahead early with MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise + I.W.S.P project. Same as usual, it will be done in straight build and spray painting.
The inner frame has already completed yesterday including the head and movable hands. As you can see, the body armors color has been replace rather than white. I decided to approach a bit first version Astray color while the rest go for gray. When I look at the completed head, damn it was good. I definitely can’t wait to see how it going to turn out after completing. This is a good opportunity to reduced the used of white spray paints since it hard to stock up these days.
The rest will continue hopefully this week if there aren’t any activities. I also did a stock check on my Gunpla collections. Looks like I clear some and beginning to show less occupy in the big box. Thanks to the recent popular Transformers and the 3rd party toys keeps me company. Nonetheless, Dengeki Hobby just announced last month magazine that there will be new Advance of Z upgrade add-on for HGUC GM Type C release end of March. I am going mad on this one for sure.


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