PC Parts Arrived from KL 2010

At last! My long awaited computer parts have finally reached me today! I have been waited for at least coming month receiving it due to him going for courses and vacation last month. Luckily he comes to work all else I not even sure when I suppose to received it.

What I got here are WD Caviar Green 500GB SATA HDD, Kingston DDR 1GB 400 and Scandisk Cruzer Blade 8GB USB flash drive. All of them brought from Plaza Low Yat at KL. Total spend, just only B$125.00. Seriously, it’s really damn cheap.

I actually wanted to go for larger size hard disk. But due to my behavior on the spending on toys are too heavy. So I just temporary go for the smaller purchase. I am planning to stock a bit DDR/DDRII memory ram next time including the older P4 478 and 775 sockets motherboard. My current PC is having quite a lot of trouble lately. Auto restart for no reason when idle which I suspect the warranty Corsair DDRII sent to me has compatibility problem. Hate it when these kinds of things happen.


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