RGM-79QR GM Quel Refined

Okay, it sure took me quite long maybe five or six months back to get the photos up. Thanks to myself packing the room so much toys and useless stuffs around near the photo booth. Once I got the plastic container, I clear it up and starts taking the photo of my Gunpla works again. But somehow my Gunpla caught up with lots of dust!

Anyway, nothing much to say about this build. Everything done on the mixing and well, looks good. LOL!

The Story

While GM Quel becoming outdated over time, it decrease the confidence of their elite pilots due to the Titans unable to produce enough latest MS to fill their ranks. To counter that problem, the Titans issue new task to the engineers to find any available parts and alternative method upgrading the GM Quel. With the help from both Titan test team and the Gundam MK II data, the engineers were able to create different variant custom upgrade for GM Quel based on the pilots preferences. One of the such build is GM Quel Refined.

GM Quel Refined first sortie on earth and as well participate mission attacking latest AEUG MS at Anaheim Electronics secret test site.


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