RX-79BDR-01 Blue Destiny Unit 1 Kai

I have been thinking a while turning Blue Destiny Unit 1 into upgrade version. So I decided to get some ideas from various GM designs which ended up removing the twin chest weapons and replaced with intake duct nozzle. The other twin chest missiles now becomes sensor range.

Most of the parts you see are belongs to GM type C and some broken Powered GM. I gives a lot of thought having version KA like. Somehow ended up looks weird, probably because of my fail coloring issue was the cause of it.

Yeah, I tested out the Tamiya white prime 1000. The result were so bad or whatever I might mixed the wrong colors, but no. you can see the white colors are unbalance as few areas looks light and dark. I never expect this would happen and eventually trying using the whole can before starting applying the final painting. It just simply doesn't work no matter how much I spray on it. This shows white prime never was good choice for me and best to go for gray if I could find in local store tomorrow.

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  1. Hi, can i ask you something? What part did you use for the vent on the chest area? Btw, nice looking MS you got there. Good job

    1. Thanks. The part i used is from Kotobukiya MSG option parts - Duct nozzle.

    2. Thanks for the info man. I appreciate it.


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