Next EACON on 12 2012

Yep, the next EACON upcoming event going to held in December this year. As far I more interested is the Gunpla competitions which currently the rules not yet known to the modelers yet. However, because the increase collectors and slowly expose over the year in Brunei. This is grantee going to be challenging which is of course depending how the organizers arrange the categories and rules.

I'm not really sure about the numbers of entries this year as I didn't join the BPG 1st Anniversary last week but there are without doubt many great modelers participate on the contest showing their great works in the FB. There are chances seeing more participants hitting EACON Gunpla contest.

However, I do need to be very careful which categories I about to submit. Last year was quite disaster choice and ended up seeing my Gunpla against the Star War and Diaroma car. So to avoid that mistake, I have to submit to the right categories instead. Still, finger cross.


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