Officially a Ripper

For my own opinions, PA really going too far over their pricing for the collector editions stuffs. I have no idea what the fuck happen to their great pre-order services, it was total big let down ever that I can't imagine missing both pre-order on the Diablo 3 and with sudden ridiculous double pricing for Guild Wars 2 collector editions in a trusted store this year. It never was like this being a long time customer able to get so many great collector stuffs without single price problem hitting the order buttons. But now, either the pre-orders button never shows up even after the date line or bother giving any answers if they can officially getting those products.

PA decided to went into ripping off mode on the customers money by playing eBay style doubling the price. Yeah, Guild Wars 2 CE is now priced at US$299.00 instead of official US$149.99. This is the biggest shit I ever expect this outcome from such a popular trusted site. I am now officially black listing and decided to delete Play-Asia.Com in my favorite and start looking else where.


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