August Weekend #1

I so into Starcraft game the past few days and finally finished yesterday. The last mission was seriously quite hard fighting Kerrigan even playing in normal mode. Damn, I love this game so much and hoping the expansions would come out next year (was told on 2012)! Well I guess it’s time to get myself some rest first and proceed with other things. Okay, I lied! I am still playing another round trying different stories and research on the game. Heh!

Talking about Gundam kits, I haven’t yet continued but planning to do so on this coming public holiday. The only things I done are stocking up the Tamiya spray paint this morning shopping in the local toy shop in KB. To my surprise, they actually have Transformers Power Combiner and latest Universe 3.0 sold there. I always see them normally putting up the movies version which I don’t interest in.

Another good thing it cost almost the same price sold in RK. This reminds me also not to be haste on buying them online next time and saves more on the shipping. I might be planning getting some of them next month if things worked fine on my budget saving. Damn, new car coming next month and got to renew mine old car road tax including the insurance at the same time. Yikes!


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