Facebook Game: Car Town

I never thought of starting playing Facebook game again. There are tons of great games out there, but I feel like most of it is very time consuming and boring in the end. I decided to try out the recent Car Town game after my friends introduced to me and currently hitting to level 9. It’s not really a bad game to be honest, I myself do enjoying it. The most interesting part of the game itself allows you to designing your own car graphic and I just finished working on one which is Raka Lee Itasha version. I didn’t expect it turn out to be great looking car so I probably going to make more sooner once I got rich in the game. Hehehe…. For the mean time I decided to sent this to car show and see how many vote I might able to get.


Well, as for the garage workshop. I am slowly building it bigger soon because due to the unfriendly earning money system. That’s the bad part of the game as timing is important, every car servicing you started requires being on time receiving the payment, all else the customers would run away. I first thought it is automatically, but I was wrong about it and that’s annoying when you have to monitor the game from time to time.


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