Starcraft II - Wing of Liberty Collector Edition

Finally my Wing of Liberty collector edition arrived on my door step today! It was truly a long awaited RTS title of my life after the first Starcraft and the expansion Brood War released ten years ago when my friend introduced it. I remember first playing online non-stop during my student time for years. Thank to this game, study never was my priority.

I won’t be explaining or going to review this game. You can read on the official gaming website for more information and rating because they gives you better answer. To me, just go for it! Anyway, you might know what special stuffs going too packed with the collector edition. Let me bring you a closer look again for your pleasure!

Starcraft II: Wing Of Liberty Collector Edition (North America Version):

  • Starcraft II: Wing Of Liberty PC DVD game
  • Jim Raynor “Dog Tag” 2GB USB Drive (contains Starcraft and Brood War expansion set)
  • Starcraft II: Behind the Scenes DVD
  • Starcraft II: Collector Edition Soundtrack
  • The Art of Starcraft II: Wing Of Liberty
  • Starcraft Comic Issue #0
  • Exclusive In-Game WOW Pet (Baby Thor)
  • 2x Guest Game Pass card for Starcraft II: WOL & WOW

The entire box weight at least 2.7kg when it shipped out by UPS courier. Well, of course the art book itself is quite heavy, not to mention even the USB dog tag is made out of steel I presume. What a great addition to the collection, I love it! Overall, the packing box design was quite nice without needing to remove any seal damaging the looks.

While letting the PC doing all the installing work and updating the game, I decided spend my time checking out the art works book. Total 176 pages with full colors printed. This would probably cost US$29.90 or more if buying separately. Two pages teaser on the arts done by the Blizzard staffs.

As for the comic, I already had done reading in the toilet. That was simply just the first part introducing the War Pigs mercenary squad story. It seems like I have to get the rest of the issue to learn more about them. Hmm….

The top one is obvious a sound track CD, so the left is the installer DVD 9 and the right is the behind the scenes DVD. I haven’t watch yet but planning to save it for later when I have nothing to do. Quite interestingly after finding out that you don’t have to worried about losing or damage installer DVD. You can simply download the whole game online again through your Battle.Net account. Just in case someone stole it, house burn down or whatsoever happen in natural disaster.

Jim Raynor “Dog Tag” 2GB USB Drive that contains the first Starcraft and Brood War expansion set. Luckily I didn’t went to buy it.

There is a slide button on the back of the dog tag to push out the USB connector.

Yup, it lights up after you plug into the USB port. There are two led lights coming from the side and the top. Both come with blue and orange colors favors. Looks pretty cool I have to say. But the only down side is the dog tag simply too bulky and occupy a lot of the space (seen as picture above). Nonetheless, these pen drives reads and write really fast! Installing Starcraft game only takes less than two minutes with the total file size 1.23GB in window 7. I am happy this is not just an ordinary cheap pen drive even if the size is bulky.


  1. can i know is there anyone sell only for the USB Drive. Is so nice >< too bad i unable to get it =(

  2. Maybe you should check out on ebay. Probably someone might going to sell it.


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