The Worst Week

This is not a good week for me. Too many worrying problem just suddenly pop up in front of me these few days. I wasn’t able to get my PC working after the Corsair memory ram came back with countless crashing even after reformatting which is why I wasn’t able to post.

I have no idea what get into my PC lately. Corsair RMA sent me the same XMS2 DHX 2GB twin stick and it doesn’t work properly. Almost doing anything on my PC hangs up within a minute and had to force restart. It takes time testing every each hardware especially the hard disk drive is the longest. The test results were all positive even the new memory ram. The only left is the motherboard. If that was the problem, I am truly doomed without any PC. But after applying the latest BIOS update, I didn’t see any crashing until now.

Is it the motherboard fault? It doesn’t necessary if I already using the same memory ram for more than two years unless that was a different chip or some sort. These worry me a lot so I decided to drop a mail bomb to Corsair RMA to verify what kind of memory ram they had replaced to me. After few days later, the response came and letting me know that the memory ram they sent to me is not compatible with my motherboard and reconfirm with me later once their expert verify it. Let see how it goes.

Starcraft II has already release and hasn’t received mine yet. The most worry some is my credit card going to expiring soon next month and I’m not even sure if I could even able to paid for my pre-order for the collector edition. Damn, I wanted that game so much. Thanks to the HSBC bank haven’t reissue my new card while I trying to requesting getting it early. haven’t contacting me yet about shipped out yet so there are chances that I’m not going to get it due to the popularity. I pre-order it early after they listed within few hours so I’m not sure if already too late. Arggg….


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