HM Birthday Day on Gunpla Works

Just another boring day for me, I was supposed to work on side business fixing the laptop. Somehow the hard disk drive dies on me and has to send for warranty. My friend couldn’t replace immediately because of out of stock issue. Now, things were totally knock on the side the whole morning. After spending few minute thinking, I decided go ahead continuing my work on Gunpla started last two weeks.

The current project model is HG 1/144 Gundam O (Type A.C.D) and at the same time, HG 1/144 AEU Enact Custom (Ali Al-Saachez's). Both of them were half done because I applied epoxy putty which requires six hours fully dry and also waiting for restock on the plastic option parts. It’s on the way now from Japan, just order few days ago from Hobby Search during the promotion. Hopefully by next weeks, I can get it. Here is the tease photo of my current idea work.

Gundam O modification is progressing well at the moment, but still figuring out if the left over FG Rasiel parts allow me to squeeze in more. It would be a big waste scraping all of them apart and left as junk. Before doing that, I have to make sure the GN Sefer kits won’t get in the way so has to be done a straight build ‘Form Three’ first and study it. To my surprise, even a single GN Sefer unable to fit or even reach properly on the GN particle tank backpack. It seems like I need to figure out ways and solutions to fix that problem.

AEU Enact Custom is done on straight build and spray painting. This plastic kit is simple to assemble which will be finished on this weekend. After that, hover tank upgrades for this guy. I planning to get my own version design. However, at this moment will be later project as this is challenging because the whole things going to be done on scratch build.

Anyway, check back for more update coming this Monday.


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