Temporary Linux

Probably more, damn my Corsair memory ram got problem after I ran a test yesterday using Memtest. I already notice some shits going on from the beginning of the year. It just that I decided to ignore it until it gets often serious restarts or crash. It’s funny that it didn’t happen once when I was on gaming. Luckily it got a lifetime warranty so the only thing I needed to do is send it back to US for RMA. It was the farthest country I ever send for warranty. Meh, next time I swear I won’t buy from Corsair products anymore in the future unless they open a center in Asia for easier RMA.

Now, the big problem starts. I’m in low cash and no spare memory to hold Vista memory tortures. Losing 4GB memory is a big issue for me, which means shutting down my PC was a best option rather using a slow ass PC. But the shitty things about me couldn’t live without internet and reading world news. That’s going to annoy me a lot. Without much second thought, I borrow 512MB DDR2 and 160GB SATA HDD to setup a temporary Ubuntu (starting tomorrow) for the time being which is better than without any internet access.

It’s going to be a long month waiting for my RMA return and not knowing how long it might takes to reach US sending from Brunei. It sucks really, because I have been using Windows my whole life. Sudden switching to Linux doesn’t sound fun to me. But I do hope it comes back before Starcraft II release worldwide.


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