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We have been seeing lots of China made electrical products selling in Brunei today especially the computer parts and accessories. As an IT technician, I require to prepare tools and tester to support my work even for personal side business. However, the problems are our local computer shops have been selling quite a high price and even some in ridiculous price that are unknown brands with less than one month warranty. If they selling reasonable price, probably I won’t need to go through looking direct China wholesale. Yes, this even might damage local business if every one of us turns to direct China online shop to get it. But I couldn’t help posting the website here.

Right now, there are three shops I discover so far that allow you to buy one item each rather than require in bulks rule. But I decided to choose the best one that offer best price compares to others and that is (HQ in Hong Kong).

First Impressions

The website is nicely done, clean, easy to use and fast loading. The search also works very well and I do recommend any of you to use it if you are looking for certain items which is much faster and easier to find. The categories are well listed except one thing I am having trouble is the menu loading sometimes. I only experience when surfing at office using company internet line and tested with other browsers still doesn’t seem to work. I find it strange to be honest and probably the java coding problem.

For your information, BIC offers thousands products and accessories starts from camera, computer, and mobile phones, electronic like flash lights, games and other weird stuffs you can find over there. All of them are well listed except those new products arrival does not mention on their website.

Incredible Value Price

Yes, it is. Almost 90% of them are so affordable that you can’t imagine. I, myself also surprise by it and I made three orders straight to fill my need especially the computer accessories are so cheap I couldn’t help buying it. Most of them are network tools to support my work, aluminum flashlight and some just a weird stuff I wanted to messed with it.

Please be advice that I don’t recommend any of you purchasing Bluetooth and wireless devices or modem because AITI suckers going to tax you for B$50.00 each for personal use or B$200.00 (each) license for business. That’s going to be sorry hefty fee and in the end choose to abandon it.

The computer sellers might also want to gain advantage on the price too when you buy more or in bulks. But based on my perspective, the discount doesn’t seem to be much to me. No complain, because most of the products itself are already way too cheap so I’m sure most you can earn at least 50% profit.

Did I Receive Faulty Products?

Of course, that’s why you need to test it straight away once you received and report them immediately for either replacement or refunds. I mostly had faulty flashlight in two orders so far. The support services are friendly and refund me the next day. Usually I do request them to send me another replacement with my new order. The response normally takes 1-2 days at least.

Warranty Period

The warranty period is no different than ours in Brunei. According to BIC, the manufacturer warranty is only 3 month for most electronic products. I’m not sure what the warranty length for buyers order in bulk. You can just always contact them anytime for more information’s.

Earning Free Coins

To earn Point Coins, either you write review on the products you recently buy or get yourself referring by the buyers. These allow you to purchase anything on the site. But the down side is that you only earn $0.10 for each review approved. More information can be found here.

Payment Methods

Paypal is the only online payment method currently available so expecting this is direct purchase once you checkout. BIC will automatically refund money if there are no stocks available within one week.

Shipping and Packing

For Brunei, BIC provide free shipping for every order. However there won’t be any tracking no provided for amount less than US$20.00. Of course there is optional fee to include tracking no. It’s not much, just an additional fee between US$1-2.00. There’s no point of paying extra when you can get a free tracking no once you purchase over the amount above to get it. You consider that a very good saving!

EMS service also available during check out, but do note that it’s not free and optional shipping method. Same as usual, the cost will be based on the weight of your orders.

As for the packing, for my orders, all of them are packed with bubble wrap and put into postal plastic bag. They are all nicely wrap up inside so don’t worry about receiving damage items. I’m not sure about those made of glass since I never order it before. Well, if you expecting me to tried ordering one or two. You gonna wait until I want to buy it.

Do note that shipping from China usually takes quite a while to reach to Brunei. Normally either on the third or fourth weeks, this is due to the slow transit from in China.


Buy In Coins really know how to make their customers happy. They really done a great job on their customer services and solved most of my faulty items problem by issuing refunds or replacement less than a week. Those folks over Hong Kong even response mail during weekend and Sunday.

The only thing I dislike is not able to know if those popular items going to be restocking. During the past two months monitoring, it hasn’t made any progress seeing update about restocking. According to one of the staffs, normally those sold out restock every two-three weeks. Probably I might have to try placing the out of stock order and see how it goes.

Another problem is they never send any email notifications to buyers that your orders have been dispatched. You can only check through the BIC account in the order history. The tracking numbers will usually listed over there including the screenshot of your order packed from the warehouse before shipping out in China.

Anyway, my overall experience shopping in BIC was rather fun as I am able to buy most of the computer stuffs I long looking for. Not to mention their price are so affordable and comes with free shipping. Although there are others I discover also offer free shipping. BIC so far offer the best price on my list. Before you head over to eBay to search for any computer or mobile phone or even Apple accessories, you should first drop by BIC to check out. is the leading in online retailing - an online shopping service that broadcasts live retail programming 24 hours a day. It's a vast virtual shopping center, offering a wide variety of products including electronics, gadgets, jewelry, apparel, home furnishings, and beauty. The BuyinCoins' headquarter is located in Hong Kong. Other divisions/ subsidiaries/ Dispatch Centers are in Beijing, Shanghai & Shenzhen of China.


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  4. are polite, but inept. I would not recommend doing business with them. On my second order, they forgot to use my street address so the package was returned to them. They wanted to charge me postage to resend it because of their mistake. I pointed out the error in their thinking, and as a result I have neither the shipment or a refund. Thieves!

  5. Sorry to hear about your case. But did you pay by paypal and is it already over 45 days? if not, simply file report against them, that way you can fight for refund.

  6. I hate this website. i placed an order in mid never came. 'cos shipping is free i realised the need to give more time.two months pass by and i don't see anything happening.i approached the customer care.

    they say its been dispatched. but 'cos i didn't recieive it they wanted me to make a fresh order.i had nil patience to place 30 different items in the shopping basket and requested that the original order be processed again.I do not know the reason why i am told its not possible to process the same order again and offered a refund in coins. now,this got to my nerves. in exasperation i agreed to the same.

    In the next communication what does she tell me again? system is updating so cannot refund the coins now.Please contact next month !!!

    i never encountered such an experience with any other website. I am never going to shop with them again

  7. I have ordered AND received a supposedly 12MP camera but the quality is that of a 2MP. I may a complaint and seller was taking long time to reply and sending me from one end to another. I've opened a Paypal case and have sent camera back which has cost be 12euros extra to my original cost! I recommend to think well before buying cheap items from this seller.

  8. !!!!! Avoid at all cost !!!!!

    If you wanna wait your purchase for a month..then it would be your choice


    “It takes 14-21 working days to arrive. Sometimes it will be 5-10 days delay because of customs and flights. If you can not get in one month since you buy, please contact us.”

    For a week its been paid, nothing proceeded. After 2weeks still hasnt left HK…and they tell you to wait for a month…THE WORST INTERNET SHOPPING MALL EVER !!!

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  10. Hi Guys,
    I'm Nimesh.
    I want to say something about Buy in Coins(BIC).
    This is the best online shopping site I ever logged. Because BIC provide best quality products with very low cost. Also Shipping is TOTALLY FREE .And always they protect their buyer. Assume that you package came with defects or lost. They are ready to help you. There are several ways.
    1. They'll refund the value of the item as Coins (1 Coin=$1) so using these coins you can buy whatever thing from this shop.
    2. Or they will send money to your PayPal account directly
    So you don't have to worry about anything. Anything at all.
    Once one of my ordered package got lost in the post, And then I informed BIC .within 2 days I got money back. This is true and believe me they are Best. Happy shopping guys. Just have a try. Log on now

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