End of June Weekend

Boring as ever, get up in the morning. Get my clothes wash and headed to town for haircut. After coming back, the fucking sky start raining and seeing my clothes still not dry. And then I get back to check my recent purchase Resident Evil 5 continue to stuck at 60%, Very good progress and that had to wait until tomorrow.

Talking about Gundam, I am moving on Gundam Rasiel and GN Sefer FG parts that left untouched for coming two years. I decided to scrap Rasiel entirely apart and use it as spare parts. Since I’m not good at painting at all, not to mention fully modify the whole FG kits based on the tutorial on Dengeki Hobby. I decided to think why not just used it on other Gundam OO instead.

To me, working on Gundam kit takes a lot of time to decide. Tools and material are what I needed. This is going to be challenging for me doing on mod and require ordering some Kotobukiya option parts to work on it. Luckily there are left over in order for me to start working on it immediately. HLJ, Hobby Search and Ami-Ami doing quite ridiculous often promotion lately so let’s hope there will be more promotion again in Japan as I need to stock up the option parts.


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