YaHobby.com Online Shop Review!

Another online retail toy shop review and this time it’s from China. I learned about Yahobby.com when visiting to Seibertron.com last year which happen to be one of the sponsors. I afraid the information about them was slightly known, while it claim to have already operate for (more than) two years. This led too many concerns for the buyers whether or not they can be trusted even it was advertise in popular Transformers community. To find out, I decided to take risk putting my money down ordering some of the Transformers Universe toys I missed.

Of course, Transformers are not the only toys they are selling on the website. There are also others available military and Gundam plastic kits can be purchase over there too including knock off Lego toys. Price is average, in case you wonder.

First impressions

Rather to say, bad impressions. Not on the price I am bitching about. But the communications between the customers and shipping handling were the biggest main issue I have discover on YaHobby. Compare to my last experience with the Angolz.com, this is much worst.

It’s really disappointing seeing such problem still arise on newly setup or even on long-time online retail toy shops. For one, like Walter Hobby is one of the failure in online toy business when he himself unable to fulfill the customers’ orders and get into trouble not delivering and ban by Paypal due to overwhelming complains filed against him.

YaHobby is no exception, for my personal opinion. There are many international forums buyers are unhappy with their services and few cases claim they sent broken toys and unseal toy packing box (suspecting used toys) while the packing box is nicely pack without any sign of damage. Of course, they steps out and did clarify the problem that it was shipped with brand new products out from Hasbro/Takara Tomy Japan factory and even mention that the customs might have open for inspecting in some countries.

For your information, I don’t recall there are such cases done by the customs during transits. Why would they waste the time when it can be simply identify the packages inside by using advance x-ray machine? I have ordered for coming nine years in different countries and never encounter my package arrived seal been already open. In Brunei, only the inspections take place when the owner present.

Response like Donkey

The most frustrating thing in communicating with the seller is they never response and delay for weeks. YaHobby is actually had this kind of behaviors, the faster so far were four days and the slowest more than seven days reading my mail. I have no idea how the hell they can do such business practice like that. I know because using DidTheyReadIt.com service. I can easily track when my mail was read and remain hidden without them knowing.

Payment Method

Only Paypal is available. According to their site, buyers are cover with Paypal Protection when purchasing over US$200.00. Not sure how true is that, but be aware that you are eligible to get refund within 45 days under Paypal policy no matter what amount you spend.

Trouble Shipping

There is only one shipping method available for Asian buyers which I already asked. No more other shipping option to choose from and the cost starts from range US$20.00 to more depending on the total weight. I already made my first purchase with that starting amount and was successfully received after two weeks. I was relieved as it was sent by registered mail. But one problem though, no tracking number was provided.

If you think that is just a small problem, well another unbelievable nightmare started. After making my second purchase and choose the same shipping method. It become missing more than a month after they shipped out on last February and continue until today. I already contacted them and demand for answer why does it took so long to arrive. You know what? They shipped out by sea. This absolutely makes me very mad because shipping out by sea is a suicide method and big chances of getting lost. If I order is battery or chemical products that can comprehend because it’s an explosive item.

YaHobby explain the problem and very sorry about that. They even told me that if the orders total shipping weight around US$30.00 than they will send out by registered airmail. Then why mine was shipped by airmail during my first order? It doesn’t really add up at all. It never mentions on the checkout, not even in their shipping policy and even told me there is no other shipping option available to choose from. This show that they obvious trying to bargain over the shipping fee.


YaHobby was an entirely disappointment online shop I have to say. Even though they do refund for items are out of stock and did refund mine missing item. But it was already over Paypal 45 day’s policy and had to pay through Western Union. Not to mention they even dare to deduct my refund over Paypal fee and Western Union fee. These guys are really smart ass accountant behind calculator.

These guys really have a lot of problem and received quite bad reputations around the toy collector’s forums. Just beware and not to buy things from Yahobby.


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